Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, the 13th

Tuesday, the 13th is considered by Romanian superstitions to be a day of bad luck. But not today, because today is my Dad's b-day ! Happy Birthday Dad! He's spending it making BBQ, one of his favorite activities and I envy the people present.

Last month was my Mum's birthday, it made me realize that I'm not there for them, I'm not there for big events like her 50 year anniversary or Easter, or my cousin's wedding, or the dog's latest stunt.

I took the decision to live away from them and I stick to it: there are a lot of advantages to living in a foreign country and having a good salary. But there is also nostalgia. And so my parents get nice presents delivered by courier because I want to be there, in any way possible.

I like to make my presence felt on these occasions, even if I am aware that it's only a reminder of my absence. I planed special surprises for my Mum: she received a huge flower arrangement, which I made delivered to her work place. And just when she thought that was it, she also got a perfume, delivered by another courier later that same day. I think, I hope, it was a happy birthday. And now my Dad got a set of 6 games and a BBQ kit and my Mum and our friends helped me plot the whole thing. Because I'm involved, even from a distance, thank you internet.

So Happy Birthday Dad, see you in a couple of weeks, I'll drink a Pilsner for you!
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