Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It was so unexpected, I just had to take a picture for you

No, the fact that the local hockey team, the Plzen Indians, won against the visitors, PSG Zlin, was not unexpected, in fact it was to be expected, considering the performance of the winning team this season. After loosing 19 points on a technicality, they are back stronger than ever. What was unexpected however, at least by us, was the presence of two Peugeot cars on the ice, during the breaks. Here they are in all their splendor, looking a bit like another car I know...

I didn't know what to expect when I went to the game, I didn't have time to think about it too much but I guess the show and the very hot atmosphere, did take me by surprise a little. You see, football is not the king in this here little country, hockey is. And the crowds love it, they savor every moment of the match, the show the fans put on for the team is impressive.

During the breaks, the supporters have some beers (there is no season for beer here) or hot wine, hamburgers, hot dogs and other treats are also available. On the ice, there are sometimes shows for kids (hitting a pallet is not as easy for the small ones apparently) and for the grown ups. This is truly entertainment  for the whole family, moms, dads, kids, grand parents, the whole family was there.

But this game is not an easy one, sometimes the players fight and the referees have to intervene. An action that would be a big fault for a football player, doesn't even get a frown on the ice, the goal might be smaller, but so much harder to reach. Hockey is not a game for the weak of heart!

There is quite a lot of action, it was hard for me to capture a good image, or to follow the pallet all the way for that matter. I did find myself cheering for "our" blue and white team: modrá a bílá, jdete kluci!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was surreal, nice but surreal

The invitation to the ball was a nice surprise from a couple of friends. Getting dressed up and going dancing, mingling with the who's who of the town's folks, sounded like a dream.

The night of the ball came very fast and nothing was prepared. A frenzy of choosing dresses, accessories and make up started. For the girls, at least. The gentlemen never have such problems so they instead prepared the "apero", before the ball: sushi and Champagne. Such a lavish treat! The night was to be memorable for sure.

As the the two couples left for the Art Nouveau building where the ball was held, the girls surely felt like modern Cinderellas gobbling on sandwiches (because the night was long). So quaint! said one of the girls, So surreal, said one of the boys, laughing.

They arrived quite late, the party had already started in the great hall as well as in the smaller rooms where concerts and a casino were being organized. With a first glass of white wine in hand, they made their way around, discovering and meeting people.

But the music was so alluring, the Band was playing tunes they knew, the rhythm was just right and so they rocked the night away.

Monday, February 14, 2011

As Seen by Me : Episode 1: In the Train

I want to show you some funny things I spot around, without many comments from my side. Sometimes the quality will be poor, that is because they are unplanned and sometimes unexpected snapshots.

I used to take trains a lot when I first came here. I didn't have a car, I lived in a remote place (remote from the places that interested me) and I had to rely on the network of trains and buses, which, I might add, is quite dense and somewhat reliable (this is more true for the latter than for the former). But before last summer I had never seen this object pictured below. Or if I had seen it, I did not pay any attention to it, for me it was a sort of urban legend I had once heard. But behold, here it was and I had to take a picture of it, unfortunately I didn't have any beer on hand.

Yes, folk, this is a bottle opener in a train. Another testimony of how much Czechs love beer (if the wine was not enough). Of course, you can use it for your bottle of fizzy water or Coke, or even of the local Kofola, but let's be honest, a cold beer is much better on a long train ride through the country that gave us the Pilsner beer. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


Vazut anul trecut, pe vremea asta, se pare ca fata a avut cel putin un concert pe aici. Dar si acum o aud la radio aproape in fiecare zi la fel si pe Morandi si pe Edward Maya. La spinning am auzit niste melodii techno romanesti in premiera pentru mine. Se pare ca suntem destul de populari pe aici. Oricum bravo lor.

Imi plac si celelalte afise, daca va uitati un pic, mai ales cel de sus cu Monkey Business si cele cu showul de travestiti (foarte populari de altfel).
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