Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SkyEurope : Bratislava Strikes Back

First weekend in September was to be fabulous: a trip to Brussels with my one and only sweetheart. But fate wanted otherwise and so, at the last minute, our flight got cancelled.

I’m outraged, plans were made, very nice people were waiting for us, and beer was in the fridge. And SkyEurope cancelled all that. If you didn’t already know, they filled for, what in the States would be Chapter 11 and promised no flights would be affected. Well every flight we’ve had with them has been delayed and this is too much. At least if they had the decency not to sell tickets for the last month so people would not get scammed into buying them and then get their plans turned upside-down.

Here’s what they say on the website :

Those of you who have purchased flights with a credit card, please turn to your credit card issuing bank to seek refunds for unused portions of SkyEurope's flights.
If you are already at the destination or have rented a car through SkyEurope's business partner, you may stay at the hotel and use the vehicle during the period originally agreed. You must, however, order a return flight from some other airline at your own expense.

I am completely appalled. Everyone should be informed about this, not to get to the airport for nothing. And if you're wondering what the relation to Bratislava is...well it's the curse again, remember, SkyEurope is/was partly Slovak owned, q.e.d.

We’re changing our plans, of course, we’ll surely have a great time, and trying to get our money back, but still it’s sucks big time.


  1. Ti-am zis eu ca exagerezi cu calatoriile...Incearca Malev au preturi foarte bune mai nou desi daca e vorba de primul week-end slabe sanse.
    PS Te rog mergi la Setari/Comentarii si schimba la 'Cine poate comenta' , pune 'Oricine'. Implicit e ceva tampenie si urasc ca trebuie sa ma loghez...

  2. Wizz air te duc la destinatie cu 30 de euro daca ai fost pacalit de Sky Europe. Dar nu ne convin orele.

    Malev e scump, mai ales dupa teapa cu Sky Europe..

    PS am pus oricine dar acum moderez comentariile :) Presupun ca esti Marius :)

  3. Vaiiii si tu ai patit-o cu astia!!uffffffff

  4. Puricii sa-i manance, ma astepta un Kriek rece de cirese in Bruxelles...


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