Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going up the hill

Once or twice a week I put on my pants with special pads for my tush, I tuck in my heart rate monitor belt under my sports bra, put on my favorite t-shirt and my best sport shoes. And I prepare to go up a hill. Well, actually I just go in a class with 20 other people, each on bikes, and we sweat and hurt on music.

Oh boy does it hurt. I'm not the best at spinning, that's what this torture is called, but I do try and as my heart rate goes up I concentrate on continuing and above all breathing. Sweating is easy but breathing...  It's hard but I also like it, some sort of masochistic sport. Anyway, I can disconnect from the world for an hour or think about my plans, I only pay attention when the instructor screams what her a change in the program. And so I bike, but don't put me in a forest please, not yet anyway.


  1. spinning is fun and intense, I used to do it as well while living in Toronto. true, a bit masochistic but what i actually enjoyed about it was the break that it gives to your... mind, can't really think about too many things while at it. so it's exhausting but the end result is relaxation.

    perhaps i should give it a try again, thanks for reminding me of it.

    happy new year! :)

  2. Yes, exactly, sometimes I think about the meal I will cook, sometimes it's just "hurts hurts hurts hurts! Oh I did it, I made it to the end" and sometimes it's *blank*

    Go for it! Czechs love it and I'm sure in Prague you will find good trainers.


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