Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It was surreal, nice but surreal

The invitation to the ball was a nice surprise from a couple of friends. Getting dressed up and going dancing, mingling with the who's who of the town's folks, sounded like a dream.

The night of the ball came very fast and nothing was prepared. A frenzy of choosing dresses, accessories and make up started. For the girls, at least. The gentlemen never have such problems so they instead prepared the "apero", before the ball: sushi and Champagne. Such a lavish treat! The night was to be memorable for sure.

As the the two couples left for the Art Nouveau building where the ball was held, the girls surely felt like modern Cinderellas gobbling on sandwiches (because the night was long). So quaint! said one of the girls, So surreal, said one of the boys, laughing.

They arrived quite late, the party had already started in the great hall as well as in the smaller rooms where concerts and a casino were being organized. With a first glass of white wine in hand, they made their way around, discovering and meeting people.

But the music was so alluring, the Band was playing tunes they knew, the rhythm was just right and so they rocked the night away.

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