Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today was the International Women's Day, or as Romanian's call it, Mother's Day. Iwas working of course and my Mum is not here but I still managed to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. On Skype. This is a great invention.Talking to my Mum like she was right here next to me was a real pleasure. I even managed to prepare a nice meal while talking to her, just like old times (I made a great Chinese soup, remind me to tell you about it one day).

When I was back home, my Mum and I used to talk while doing something or other around the house, cooking, cleaning, watching TV, whatever. Now I'm living far away and talking to her seems somewhat artificial over the phone or Skype or YM, writing and not hearing her is strange. So today, on Mother's Day, we were both happy to have had a conversation like in the good old days when I was home. Like my Mum said it, talking today was like we were sitting together. Thanks Mum, I love you!

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