Friday, August 12, 2011

Romanian Road Trip - Day 2 Turda

After Brunch on Sunday morning in Cluj, I forgot to mention, we only had brunches, never once breakfast, during this trip, so after brunch, we sat out on the road again. Day 2 included a vizit at the salt mine in Turda, a passage through the Vauban fortress at Alba Iulia and a stop at our destination of the day, Sibiu. About the latter two I will tell you more later because I visited them last year.

Romanians probably know about the salt mine from the news. It was rebuilt and it's well worth a visit. As stated on the website of Salina Turda, you can do lots of stuff inside: bowling, ping pong, football, raw boat, etc The place is huge but the only think you cannot do is eat inside the mine and that is a pity in my opinion. There is however a restaurant outside, ice cream stand and boiled corn sellers.

 Spending time in the mine is beneficial to your health and fun. The entry hall is modern and once inside you are in a long corridor. You can chose to go down inside the mine either by a lift or by the stairs at either side of the gallery. The lift was crowded so we decided to go all around the gallery and down the stairs, taking pictures.

The way down was long but we didn't mind, besides, doing some sports is good inside the salt mine and after the great meal we had had the night before, we needed the exercise.

 There was a man playing music one sort of electronic organ, not my kind, but it did give the whole place a more unearthly atmosphere and made the experience even more strange. I liked it.

 The first big gallery has all the important attractions, including the wheel, the sports grounds and the amphitheater. This is just the football/ping pong court.

 We decided that if we had to chose, than we wanted to go rowing on the salt river, one lower. Going down the shaft of the stairways is not for the faint of heart, it was crowded, very crowded.

The second level is actually an island on the 7m deep lake and you get there by a wooden bridge. All around the mine there are wooden structures and lots of light. We rented a boat for 20 minutes and had a blast going around the island.

If you are wondering, the lake is very salty so no, they don't provide life jackets, no need for that.

The walls of the mine are just beautiful, in layers and sparkling. And that music was everywhere, I felt like in Abyss.

I was very tired going out of the salt mine, so the treatment worked.

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