Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wedding inspiration: The Dress

One of the points in our wedding planning was the dress. Yes, we had a planning, like the ones for validation of automotive components. So anyway, the dress was important, of course and it took me a while to decide on the perfect one. Because we all what that dress that makes us feel special.

The most important thing to know is which dress shape you are. May sound weird now, but once engaged, A-shape, ballroom, trumpet, are not going to be strangers to you any more. I already knew I was going for something A shape but did I want traditional or not, short or long, or maybe tea length, colour or white? I chose off white, but I had lots of inspiration and ideas, hence the problem. Too many ideas can be bad, I liked the short ones, but didn't think I could pull one off, I liked the powder pink but I am fair skinned and so on. In the end I liked them all. So I decided to do something completely different. To see what I chose, scroll down.

And while you get there, take a look at these dresses below, which would you choose?

Source: via Ioana on Pinterest

Yes, I chose the bridesmaid's dress but in ivory and was a great success for me. Because they are cheaper and look just like wedding dresses. Also, the shape was perfect for my body. :)What do you think? Would you order a non wedding wedding dress? And over the internet?

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