Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nursery ideas for Little Prince

I have a newborn little boy and although I have been thinking long and hard about how to design his nursery, the best idea I had so far was to put his crib in a nook in our bedroom. For me it is much easier to sneak out of bed and check on him if he is sleeping in the same room. And he doesn't care where he sleeps or if the wall paper matches his bed sheets. So the crib stays in the room for now and we'll see for his own place in a few months.

My original idea for his room was inspired by nature and the book the Little Prince, of which we have an extensive collection of copies in several languages. I have kept the theme in the crib, there is the Little Prince sleeping bag, bed bumper and blanket and fox mobile. I wasn't going for the whole matchy matchy thing, they were mostly gifts from the family who knows our interests but I now like his crib very much.

The nursery below was featured on Apartment therapy website and is totally coming out of the Saint-Exupery book.

What do you think? Is it too much? Would you go for a theme or just choose a colour for the nursery?

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  1. Congratulations Ioana , this is great news !!!
    The little nook nursery it's really lovely.

    Lots of hugs xxxx


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