Friday, January 24, 2014

Nursery under the roof

The time has come for our little boy to transition to his own space. It will be a slow thing, first off will be the building of his space. Our loft has a low, open space which will be the nursery once we add a door. And a wall, of course. I am looking for inspiration, as always, on pinterest.

And as always, one of my favorites comes from Ikea. I love the rug and the kid playing with the wood train set. and the shelves and the wall decal. I don't like the picture of the boy's head, guves me the creeps.
Again Ikea... the colors are wrong, of course, even if I am all for not labelling blue as the only color for boys. The nook bed will be a feature of the room due to the low ceilling.

I love this bed. I should also look for a low table. And of course, the Malm drawers, why didn't I think of that?

Storage! I need lots of storage space, I'll go crazy with all the clothes and toys. 5month olds have more clothes than me!

Built in shelves could be a solution for the storage problem. Oh and the cute rocking horse. Totally love the bench too.

My idea for the desk looks a lot like this:

I hope I am inspiring you to create a space under the roof for your baby. I definetly think kids like to play in such places, they must feel protected, like under a tent.

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