Friday, April 11, 2014

Alsace in Spring

About 2 weeks ago we did something every new parent remembers fondly and longs for: we went on a trip and slept at a hotel. Just the 2 of us. No baby in the car. He stayed with grandma and grandpa who were ecstatic to have the little one for themselves. Having a baby is something grand parents everywhere remember fondly :)

It was a romantic weekend for us, had a great lunch by the river, saw some new places and took a walk/run in the forest. We had apéro and coffee on the terrace and soaked in the warm spring sun. A delight, although we kinda missed the kid a little bit.

One of those houses by the water is my dream gingerbread house. But if I had a house surrounded by fields, this one below would be it. Plus, I love the mountains in the background.
We took a walk to the forest, where we saw this interesting looking tree. It's like it is in bondage.
The view to the village: a typical panorama of Alsace where you can see the church tower. I really love this area of France in every season (they totally rock Christmas markets) but spring is the season where it all becomes a huge garden. We were there in March so it was still crisp but come May, when all the flowers will be blooming, it will be heavenly.

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