Thursday, May 12, 2016

Czech living : the Lawn Mower

My mum pointed it out to me this morning when we heard that all too familiar sound: Czechs like to cut grass. Not one day passes without a neighbor using his lawn mower. Big or small, no patch of grass is left uncut. If the neighbors give a day off to their tools then it's the town workers cutting the grass on the green areas around the trees and in the parks. 

I've had neighbors who would cut the grass and plant flowers in the common areas around buildings. They didn't have to, the building could've hired a gardener but they did it because they enjoy it. It's like if a Czech doesn't have a garden of his own, he'll find one or improvise, any excuse is good to put on Wellington boots and take out the gardening tools: cut grass, plant, dig holes in wet soil. I think everyone on my block owns a lawn mower, at least a small, hand held one and has a garden, even if it's just one on the balcony, where they cut the grass..

Judging by the number of times I hear a mower, trimming the lawn must be Czech Republic's favorite pastime. Besides beer drinking, of course.


After: a manicured lawn and people enjoying spring.

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