Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meet Josephine

Everyone, say: Ahoj, Josephino! I've had her for about a month; she's my 2-months-in-advance-don't-break-your-neck-on-it birthday present and I've been riding her to work almost ever since.

Once I got past the initial fear of going downhill, this is quite neat, going to work every day on my little bike. You can say I've got wheels.

She's girlie, but not too girlie, she's second hand, but a good brand and very well kept. And I'm in love with it. So her name is Josephine (my boyfriend's off road is called Francoise, we've decided on really outdated French names). She wasn't named after the Empress but after this song:

I follow the same old route pass the trucks on my way to work, but when I get back, I go through town and do a bit of exploring, so actually it takes me longer to get back home. At least I exercise.

I've got wheels, all I need now are wings and I'll fly...

Update: Plutot une precission: Nomee aussi apres la Josephine de Penelope.

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