Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Girls reviewing The Hobbit

Here are some reviews of the Hobbit from my friends and I. Small spoiler alert!
Girl A : Thorin is soooo cute and masculine (for a dwarf), jaw, piercing eyes, stubble. Also the scene where the mountain giants are fighting makes it worth seeing the movie in 3D.
 Girl B : Some small, ugly people (the good guys) were fighting other small but uglier people (the bag guys) and there were so many of them on the screen that you did not understand anything anymore. Because they were so short (and so not cute enough) they made small steps and they walked a lot but covered only a small distance and therefore, the whole movie all they do is walk somewhere and never get there. Also, they would have died in every scene, if it hadn't been for Gandalf.

Me : Why doesn't Gandalf use magic from the beginning ? It's like when you are working in excel and trying hard to figure out some functions, what do you do? A. You press F1 and get help. Or B you try hard and use all the functions you know and combine functions and create macros until you get the answer. Likewise, Gandalf doesn't use his magic to help the dwarves right away but lets them fight so they find the solution themselves.

How would you or your friends review the movie if you saw it? Did you read the book? How do you find the hfr - too much or just perfect?

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