Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wedding inspiration: Wine bottles and cork

I'll share a secret with you: I got married last year. It was a fabulous affair, really, all we could've hoped for and more, family and friends, lots of DIY, dance, fun, good food, good music, great memories. Now I have plenty of inspiration for a lot of posts about how to design your wedding, décor, catering, lots of tips about organisation, and more.

I had lots of ideas but did not get to use them then so I am sharing them now with you. One of these ideas was a theme around bottles of wine and cork.

I love the idea of using bottle corks as name card holders. I have also seen this at a wedding themed around the vineyard and I can say it does look nice. Besides, it's easy project to make and you can involve your loved ones.

Source: via Ioana on Pinterest

Source: via Ioana on Pinterest

Bottles can be great as centrepieces, either used as simple, clear vases or candle holders, either painted or covered in some fabric.

Source: via Ioana on Pinterest

If you don't want the stems of the flowers to be seen, you can put the corks in the water like in this gorgeus flower arrangement.

This is not everything you can do around wine bottles and corks. You can also use wine crates as centrepieces, you can put the table number on labels on the bottles, cut and glue together several cork plugs to make table mats... There are so many ideas, no wonder I had a hard time choosing my wedding décor.


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