Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Cemetery in Germany

I don't want to get you down on a Saturday morning, on the contrary but I am sorting out old pictures so have a little patience, I am discovering forgotten gems. Like these pictures from last autumn which are appropriate, given that autumn is almost upon us. Last year we were visiting a friend in Jena and went up one of the many hills. We were going to the Napoleon monument and we happened to pass through a cemetery.
 The watering can tree. You put a coin, like for the caddies in the super market. I think the water was free.
I love the autumn light in these pictures. I hope I didn't depress you, personally I love a well taken care of cemetery that looks more like a park. Not that I find it sad, on the contrary, I think it's uplifting. Oh, of course I love to read the names and epitaphs and imagine about the lives of the people resting there.

What do you think?

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