Monday, August 26, 2013

Design ideas for Kivik couch

One couch, so many ideas. I chose only the beige, tan or white ones because those were the colours we were going for. The Kivik is more afordable in these tones and we simply wanted a light colour were stains are less visible.

I liked this first one from Houzz but would want an arm rest. The cushions are pretty much what I'm aiming for.

I found the next one on Houzz as well but I think it's an Ikea picture. The colour scheme is nice and warm, if not what we were looking for. I liked the coffee table more in the picture than in the show room
Now this is more to our taste. Just the couch is a bit too light. I'm easy to satisfy, right? We are aiming for a warm interior, we have lots of wood and white walls, we want a cosy living room to watch a movie and receive friends. Some nice cushions to make the couch more comfy and add a touch of contrast. I cannot find back the source to this picture but I love it, because like the first one, it seems unpolished and real, not like the room is striking a pose but it's waiting for you.

Talking about a room posing, these two final pics. I love the lights in both of them yet they seem too perfect. I would still totally see myself living in one of these interiors.  The first pic is from and the second from
These were some of my ideas for how to style your room around a Kivik beige couch. In the end we didn't go for the Kivik but for a similar type of sectional couch I will show you, once the loft is finished and looking nice. If you want more, check out my pinterest board For the home.

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