Friday, November 8, 2013

aygo Baby

I haven't written about travelling in a while because well, I haven't travelled in a while. Life, more exactly pregnancy, moving to a new place, having a baby, etc, they all got in the way of my passion for taking to the road. We are slowly getting into a routine which will make it easier to get away even with a small child so I am looking forward to our first road trip to France this weekend.

The picture above is of the trunk of our car with a push chair chassis neatly folded inside, leaving space inside the micro trunk to put some luggage. You can see my husband's arm in the background as he is attaching the baby car seat/ cosy. Because we may be new parents but we are also proving that our new life fits inside our old car, the mini Toyota Aygo.

Some of our friends told us we cling to the past and that we should grow up and buy a more family friendly car but we stick to the Aygo for now because we don't need a bigger one. We chose the push chair and accessories to fit inside the car and to be easily manoeuvrable in town. And it works for us. Life slowed down a notch and yet we are still active as we want to discover the world with our baby and have new adventures.

Wishing you all a great and safe weekend!

PS. This is post n°138. Just saying.

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