Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yellow nursery ideas

Right now the nursery is a nook in our bedroom. Our first idea was to have our bedroom as nursery and keep the yellow colour of the walls. We had to keep it simple because moving and building while at the same time pregnant is not easy so we kept that bedroom to ourselves and junior will be moved to his own bedroom later. His future room is under the roof, has a low ceiling, grey, green and yellow flower wallpaper (we are not going to tear down) and blue window shades.

With these colours in mind, I started searching on pinterest and other sites for inspiration. His bed is white, like in the first picture and the window shades are a similar blue.

I like the warmth in this nursery, even if the wood is an old fashioned colour. I know my son would love a balloon mobile as well.
Very modern nursery and I just adore the light as it is filtered by that window. I don't have the space for an arm chair like that but I like the colour. Also, gender neutral and warm.

This one is more girlie but could still pass for a boy's nursery. I want to keep things gender neutral and not too childish because the room will double as a guest room. We'll have two beds installed which my dad will build around already existing mattresses. The pink pouf is a nice touch, I have to think of something similar for my son's room, to give a splash of colour.

All pictures are from my pinterest account and Appartment Therapy.

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