Monday, November 11, 2013

Cooking men

Haha, I donot want to talk about cannibals but about men who cook, they are so rare, aren't they? While my mum was here, helping me cope with the first weeks of being a mum, my dad was home alone. Grown men are like babies sometimes, we were worried he would starve to death or worse but instead he would give us daily reports of his culinary endeavours.Quiche, omelette, steak, some frozen pizza and of course eating out at friend's. My dad did ok but then, he surprised us with pictures of this chicken broth he cooked on his own. Looks good :)

My dad's speciality is barbecue but he always prepared some delicious easy meals in a very creative way. I have very fond memories of salty butter on fresh bread, the best fried eggs and potatoes with feta cheese. Not to mention the omelette and the barbecue. Still, it's basic stuff, survival food and he prepares it methodically.

Now this is my husband's cooking you see below. I am blessed with talented men. During my pregnancy he tried to cook the fish in the sushi. Not such a great success, raw salmon is much better but the gesture was sweet. After the pregnancy, I can finally enjoy my husband's sushi's, better then in most restaurants in town.

My husband loves cooking, maybe the French in him but he is the master baker in the family and makes great sponge cakes. We sometimes cook together and it's a nice synergy, blending two culinary cultures. He is a very creative chef, sometimes this is too much for me and we tend to clash on things such as leek in ciulama (the horror) or raw duck breast in sushi. But I have to admit that most of his culinary inventions are tasty (not fond of the duck sushi).

What about the men in your lives? Do they cook for pleasure or need?

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