Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Floods in Czech Republic 2013 - Plzen

As you've probably heard already, 2013 is a year of bad weather, here in the CZ. Right now the capital is flooded as well as many cities, there have already been several deaths and incidents due to the heavy rainfall and flooding. Many bridges are closed, especially in the West and North of the Country.

For information in English go to the Expats website here. The have links to the best resources available right now in English and Czech.

Because I've been asked how was the situation in Pilsen, here is a picture of the river which is not even 100m from our flat. Luckily we are on an elevated area. As you can see, the river had gone beyond the trees opn Saturday, covering the pedestrian paths on either side. I did not check the status today but surely it's worse because it has been raining eversince.

Nothing to be done except to keep safe, drink bottled water and if possible, help those in need.

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