Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wedding inspiration: String heart

We wanted to involve our family and friends as much as possible in the wedding preparations. This was quite difficult because everyone lives so far from us and from each other but we still managed to give them small projects before or during the big day that they were all very happy.

You should attempt asking for help like this only if you think the people are willing to participate and if you really need it. It's a fine line but for us it worked because for example my husband's grandma was very excited about the wedding but wanted to participate in the organization and didn't know what to do.

So I showed her some ideas I had and the one we both loved the most was the string heart. You can see a tutorial here. She had already done something like it in the past, she is very artistic, but she was nervous to do make this heart for her grandson's wedding. And here is the end result.

We had hearts almost everywhere at the wedding: on the invitations, menus, balloon hearts, metal hearts, etc. This framed string heart was used in some of the artistic pictures we took in order to use as thank you cards and also many people took pictures with it.

Grandma used a silk backdrop and a thrifted frame she painted gold. She was very surprised to see we used it as a decor and to take pictures with it, at first she didn't know what it woudl be for.

Hope it inspires you and you find this as a fun project if you want to involve someone in your wedding.

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