Friday, June 21, 2013

My garden this year 2013

This year I managed to plant 3 tomatoes, 2 bell pepper plants and a zucchini plus some flowers. I am not really making an effort because we are moving to another place with a terrace and a very small garden. I don't really feel like moving all the flowers and pots so I am keeping things down to a minimum.

You can see the bell peppers are starting to grow and the tomatoes are flowering which is a miracle given the cold weather this year. I started planting the balcony very late but so far so good, just hope the move will not affect the plants too much.

And my target for next year is my current neighbor's garden. Ok, ok, I will have only 20sqm of actual soil, it will be something similar in size to the small rectangle at the bottom left of the picture but I have to have a target, right?

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