Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swimming pool in Plzen

I cannot believe I've been living here for 4 years and have just now discovered the main swimming pool here. I knew there were 3 municipal swimming pools but I had never visited either of them until two weeks ago, on a rainy Saturday. And I've been back twice since then.

The main swimming pool in Slovany has a big indoor pool used for competitions and smaller pools for relaxation or for children. On top of that there are two whirlpools, a toboggan and an outdoor pool. Oh and sauna as well.

The main pool goes from 1,20m to 2,10 and it is usually divided into a section for the public (the shallow part in the week) and a section for the different sporting activities of the club.

If you are member of the club you can take part in water polo, synchronized swimming, different swimming categories, etc. If you just want to exercise you can simply swim or go for aqua aerobics which takes place every day and is part of the entrance ticket. Which costs about 2,5 euros for 1h30. I will go for aqua aerobics next time, seems great for pregnant me.

So far I just relaxed in the dedicated pool you see pictured above. It is heated to about 32°C and there are different water and air jets massaging you. I love the lounge area in the lower part of the picture, where water jets massage your back and legs and you can just enjoy. It's great on a rainy, cold day. I also swam in the larger pool but I only ventured a little bit to the deeper end and I was quite tired very fast. I'll go for the aerobics, it seemed easy but tiring. In a year or so we'll take junior for his first lessons.

There were a lot of people during the weekend, of course, less so during the week and in the evening (they close at 21.00) but all seemed to have fun and enjoy the place respectfully. In the end it is like an aqua park but owned by the municipality. There is a restaurant and a boarding house and you can even go for aerobics and cardio classes.

Czechs never cease to amaze me with the love they have for sports and water sports in particular, like they were born sailors. Now that I discovered this place, I am thinking about taking a permanentka, monthly pass and take advantage of this sport mania.

The pictures are from the website of the swimming pool. Of course, I did not take any pictures there but you can even check the webcam and see which lanes are open and how many people there are, before you go.

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