Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wedding inspiration: Pompoms

The big wedding trend lately has been DIY, all things DIY in fact, from décor to food, I even read somewhere about DIY music. Now, the reasons are of course different but pride and money are the most frequent ones As appealing as it may be, my advice to you is to think twice if it is worth the trouble to DIY

I had to weight in a lot of pro and cons and decided to stick to some basic things that I really could do by myself or with help from family and friends. I chose to take care of the flowers and the balloons and decided that pompoms where to much hassle. Honestly, you'll not have enough time the D day (or the days before) so stick to what is basic and important to you.

I got my initial inspiration to do the pompoms from Dana's wonderful wedding. She inspired me to make my dream wedding, just the way I wanted to. Below are some pics to get you drooling over pompoms. Dana was just an adorable bride.

Choose a colour scheme. Mine would have been in the pinks and creams but I love these brown and green ones.

If you really want to make the pompoms (and send me pictures), here's how on Holly's blog.She gives detailed step by step instructions on how to do the pompoms and this is what I used to make mine. Yeah, because I did make about 20 of them, even 2 toned ones, before I realized that for me, personally, buying balloons and having my friends and family inflate them, was the best options.

So what I can suggest if you want to go the DIY pompom way is start in advance and involve the people around you.

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