Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spinning Queen, Baby!

I don't want to admit it too publicly so if you ask me I will probably say no, but I am starting to really enjoy this spinning thing. Maybe I will take it outside, too, you know what I mean, like real biking. Remember Josephine? She was good to me, come spring, I might take her out again.

In the mean time, I am pedaling at gyms in Plzen. We go there about once or twice a week and the instructor already knows us, me and the 3 Frenchmen (sometimes more), she calls us Tour de France. I'd find it hilarious if I wasn't dying on my bike. She even knows us by name.

Sometimes we have spinning marathons of 4 hours. This take place on Saturdays at our favorite gym: the owner sometimes spins with us and she always comes at break to give us mandarins and chocolate. The music is fun, sometimes themes such as 80's, 90's or disco and I sing a long, sometimes it's rock and I suffer.

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On Mondays I have the tae bo sessions. That is intense too and I just love punching and kicking the air. I sometimes punch the boyfriend as well, he so likes to play the victim and "complain" but he really loves the attention.

And when I cannot or don't feel like spinning or tae bo, I dance in front of my Wii to the rhythms of the Just Dance game. It's a good substitute to zumba but i need some new songs. I used to go to Zumba quite a lot but I dropped in favor of tae bo but I am still thinking of going back, once or twice, I even bought a groupon. I just don't like going on my own so I do my best to drag a girl friend to zumba but none of them seem to have been hooked. I blame it on the teacher, not showing you the moves before the song starts: we are not all dancing queens.

After all this sport you'd expect me to be fit. Well I am just about as fit as a 31year old, haha, I am only 27. But I do feel better and I have certainly gained considerable muscle, according to my scale. I actually did a test and I have nearly the perfect weight considering  my muscle build but I do have to shed a couple of kilos to have the perfect weight for my bone structure.

So I am waiting for spring now. Real spring, with sun and a bit of warmth, a sweet breeze, flowers. I want spring so I can finally enjoy the clean air and the Saturday morning of sports and shopping for gardening supplies for my balcony garden and generally spinning around like a bee.

*Image from http://www.fitness-husovka.cz
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