Thursday, July 4, 2013

Inspiration : living spaces under the eaves

I am soon going to move into a new apartment with great terrace in a quiet neighborhood, close enough to the nature and to the city center not to feel to disconnected. This is a two story apartment right under the roof so my challenges are to create living and storage space under the eaves and in the low ceiling bedroom upstairs.

Since we started discussing buying, I've created some pinterest boards full of ideas for design and I thought it nice to share with you. I haven't found a lot of living rooms with low ceiling but the ones below are like nest to curl up and read or talk to friends. This is the space I want to create and here is my inspiration for it.

Notice the Barcelona chair? I was at first attracted by the wall behind, next I noticed the couch because it is in the same style I am looking for and only after the lounge chair.I think this is good blending. Great place to relax and wonderful idea for my decoration challenges.

I love the bookcase, it doesn't look too much as a library, still remains a cosy place to relax and read but also entertain guests.
Source: via Ioana on Pinterest

This next room looks a bit empty but I let your imagination do the rest. The idea of shelves around the stairs is interesting but unfortunately I have no use for it. I like the light though. Oh, and the couch. Plus, soccer table in the corner.

The last idea picture is not my favorite but it closely resembles the spaces I will have to decorate.I love the way they framed the loft window.
Source: via Ioana on Pinterest
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