Monday, July 3, 2017

Czech Changing Tables

When I was a new mom, one of the things I struggled with is going out because I knew  that at some point I will have to change my baby. And I feared that moment. Luckily for me, I quickly found out that 1. I can change a baby on any flat, stable surface, provided I had a changing mat or towel or anything similar and the baby was in no danger of falling and 2. most public places in the Czech Republic have such a space, you just need to ask, sometimes it's just an Ikea changing table by the ladies' bathroom, other times it's a complete nursing space. This reminds me, they nixed the nursing chair in Ikea Zlicin.

In Romania, however, I haven't seen so many changing tables but tables are starting to turn and I saw at least two places with baby changing anemities when I was in Bucharest, last May. I don't need those anymore, my youngest is almost one and a half and I can change a number 1 with him standing and hopefully number 2 comes before we leave the house. Still, good to know for when the unexpected happens.

In writing this article, I was inspired by some of the blogs I read, written by moms like me and so I  took pictures of changing tables wherever I went.

At the swimming pool, in the women's locker room area. There are 3 such tables because they give swimming classes to babies and there is an area for kids. At the club where I go we just change them on the floor.

 In the restaurant of an ethno museum. This one is really complex, an overkill if you ask me (No one did, I am just posting this to the sky), would work great in a smaller flat perhaps, lots of storage space.

At the local mall. Nicely decorated, clean, modern. Sure makes shopping a nicer experience when you know you can spend as much time as you need in the shopping center.

If you have pictures of changing tables or nursery rooms in public spaces, please do share.

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