Monday, May 30, 2016

Hospital Food Pictures

Over the past 7 years I have had the dubious pleasure of being hospitalized 6 times. While 2 of those occasions were in the maternity ward, I was in the children's hospital 3 times and once in the neurology department but I don't remember that one :)

I have to say the service was very good, I always had everything I needed, for myself and for the kids but the food is still diet and typically Czech. Breakfast almost always included bread rolls and a slice of bread with cumin and dinners were light, fruit and yogurt wit ham and cheese and bread. Lunch was the biggest affair, of course, always 2 courses, soup and main dish.

The children's hospital is private, smaller than the maternity so they let me choose my lunch. The kiddo had a separate diet every time, according to the age he had, the last time he was a toddler already but he was there for a stomach bug so the poor thing got the bread banana biscuit rice diet. As much of it as he wanted. Pictured below is one lunch I had there, rice with a meat roll which was better than it looked and a yeast soup, very Czech but the jury is still out, not one of my favorite soups anyway. I had the same carrot bouillon they served the kid, pictured below, it needed salt.

The food in the maternity is the same as in the university hospital so I didn't get to choose. You can see the plates it came in to keep it warm. A bit bland and not so appropriate after a c section but still good value for money. The minced meat and veggie dish below was surprisingly good with a pinch of salt.

I'll post more hospital food pics if I find them on my phone or you can send me some. Hope your lunch today is not a hospital one :) Have a nice week.

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