Saturday, May 14, 2016

What makes a destination romantic?

One of my close friends is getting married. We recently met for coffee and, naturally the discussion moved from the dress to the honey moon destination.  We asked ourselves: what makes a place romantic?

Is it the clear water of the sea or the yellow sand of an island retreat?

Is it the clear blue sky above a snow capped mountain peak? Or is it the perfect reflection of the mountain in the lake's water? Or maybe the pink blush of the cherry trees.

If you are a city person maybe romantic is about walking around busy streets admiring the architecture and  meeting your sweetheart at cafes to watch the people pass and the sun go down.

While my friend doesn't know where to go on honeymoon, I can tell you that for me the destination is more an excuse to be with my man and create memories. The most romantic destination can be any of the above.

Photos from shutterstock, city cafe :

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